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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year

Granddaughters! They had so much fun decorating Grampa. We really enjoyed having them here last weekend. I'm mostly OK with not having kids in the house all the time, but when they come to visit, I realize how much I miss them.

Happy New Year! My prayer is that all of you are blessed with all the blessings has in mind for you in 2009! Oh yeah, I know I'm late (seems to be a common theme in this blog). I've been having some problems with my camera software and I promised I'd post a picture of our egg cartons. So here it is, by request of those those who live so far away that they can't buy Grama Sue's Rainbow eggs:

I've also had problem with transferring this from my MS Word program to Blogger. Anyone else experiencing problems? It won't let me copy so I'm having to retype everything.

Next time I'll try t give a "State of the Projects" report. You wouldn't know it by our bank accounts, but we've had a very good year. We've accomplished a lot and learned volumes!

Thank You LORD for:

My teeth!

Sometimes God does miracles - I've experienced a few - but most of the time He answers our prayers with solutions.

Several years ago, my teeth were so bad I was resigned to getting false teeth. My gums had been bleeding since I was 16 and my teeth were brown, terribly porous and falling apart. I didn't want to put new teeth on a credit card. Grampa would be getting a bonus that would be big enough to cover the bill in a couple of months, so I was determined to wait. In desperation I started to do 2 things. I swabed them with tea tree oil and started taking coral calcium.

Within a month, the gum infection cleared up and my teeth grew much stronger and whiter. So much so that I didn't have to get false teeth. Whenever I've tried to get away from either of these two treatments the problems return, but whenever I go back to them my teeth and gums heal up.

Last year, I switched to natural sea salt and Ester C instead of regular C. The Ester C has a lot of calcium and the natural sea salt has trace minerals so I thought there was no need for the coral calcium.

A couple of months ago I realized my teeth were getting very dark and porous again and I was having a lot of pain too. I decided to go back on the coral calcium and my teeth are almost back to normal again!

If you are interested in tea tree oil and coral calcium, two warnings!

Tea tree oil tastes NASTY!!! But you can get used to it.

And most vitamins and herbal supplements are made in China. My brand, Puritian's Pride is made in the USA. If you click on the ad in the right column on my blog ( If you suscribe to this by e-mail, you'll have to go to the website.) and order, you will help me out too!

Uggh! For some reason I can't seem to get this all into one font. Sorry about that!

God Bless You All!