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Monday, September 29, 2008


HA! I bet some of you thought I was never going to post again! September was one booger of a month. We were busy enough with the garden, chicken’s and farmer’s markets. Then in August, we finally got the stuff we needed to finish up the assessing job for this year so I was trying to find some time to stuff that in my schedule. Just as I was about to ask to be cut down to 1 day a week with my sleeping around job so I could get the assessing finished, one of the other girls announced she would be gone for most of the month. So, instead of only one day a week at Maxine’s, I wound up working 3. Around the middle of the month, we found out that an old friend, who had come out to my MIL’s when she was sick before, was wanting to come out again but was afraid to ask. So, I offered to stay with her while Mom was at Maxine’s. I really thought she would wait till the first of the month when Kathy was back. Instead, she came out right away. So, it’s been 3 days at Maxine’s and 4 days at Mom’s. Whew! My life has been a little bit crazy! Kathy is back now and I’ve been on the premises for almost a week now (for those of you who don’t know, Tom’s parents live on the same property as us). Things ought to be slowing down a bit – I hope!

Grampa Tom says he’s done with farmer’s markets for the year. He’ll soon be in the fields helping Lane get the crop out. He’s trying to get things cleaned up a little. We have a huge bon fire going tonight. I’m so thankful that we have markets for our eggs for the winter!

I’m working on a chicken page for our egg business. I’ll be using a mini-blog service called Squiddo. Will give the link when I’ve got it somewhat completed.


Did another experiment the other day that worked. I browned strips of chicken breasts along with onions, garlic and mushrooms in olive oil. Then I added ranch dressing and broccoli and simmered for about 30 minutes. Mmmmm …. Good!

God Bless You All!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

History According to Grama Sue

Lately my experiences have led me to what I believe are some interesting historical revelations.

The first has to do with golf. Most sports have some basis in skills needed for hunting and/or farming. I had no problem seeing where the long drives came from in golf. Being able to hit or throw a rock long distances is a basic hunting skill – but what about putting? Today it suddenly occurred to me that I was becoming quite a good putter. I’ve been practicing nearly every day! There’s this one really dumb chicken who insists on laying her eggs under the roosts. In order to avoid crawling behind it, I get a stick and gently move the egg forward with a putting stroke. Who knew???

The other two have to do with green beans.

The other day I was sitting at Maxine’s working up some buggy beans. These are beans that have a lot of good in them but have brown spots that need to be taken out. One of Maxine’s friends walked in and asked if I was frenching them. I wasn’t too concerned about how they looked, but honestly it would have only taken a few more strokes of the knife to make them into French style beans. I’ll bet some woman had a bunch of buggy beans that she wanted to serve at some social event. To disguise the fact that they were buggy, she sliced them up and told everyone they were the latest rage in France. Of course all the women at the affair knew the truth since their beans were all buggy too, but instead of giving her a hard time, they thought, “Oh what a great idea!” and proceeded to do the same.

My other “bean” revelation came tonight as I was snapping beans while sitting in a straight chair. Just for a change in position, I sat up straight for awhile without the support of the back. It wasn’t long before my back began to ache. I remember reading in more than one book that 18th and 19th century “ladies” were expected to sit straight without using the chair back for support for hours at a time as they did needle work. The pain in my back caused me to wonder how in the world they did it - something I’ve wondered about before. Then it hit me! Duh! They all wore corsets! They wore their own chair back all the time.

Yes, I think about weird things. Nothing new – Ask my kids. You think my waking thoughts are strange – You should hear some of my night time dreams!

God Bless You All!

Friday, September 5, 2008

The New Chicken House


This is the 8 x 14 chicken house we bought a couple of weeks ago. It came with roosts, a glass window, nests and several feeders. It is even wired for electricity!

We think it is quite a buy for $150! ‘Course, we had to spend another $150 for chicks to put in it but we really need them too. Not only do we have a huge market at Hy Vee in Macomb, the other day we picked up a market at a large office building in Burlington. The new chicks will bring us up to about 250 hens when they start producing next spring. We figure we need about 400 to meet the market we have right now and that will surely grow.

Spent last Saturday up at the highway. Did double the amount of business I would have done here at home, but it still wasn’t enough to warrant all the work it will take to get stuff up there and back every time. Sure would like to have that camper I saw advertised in the Gate City ... but the chickens are priority right now. We do see potential in it though. It will just take a while for people to realize we are there and by the time that happens this season will be over. We are planning to give it a try again next spring when we have more time to promote it.

Oh! Did I tell you all? A couple of weeks ago I drummed up every ounce of courage I have and worked the bees! I didn’t even get stung. Should’ve had Grampa Tom take some pictures. We’ll have to do that next time.

God Bless You All!