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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Kitties, Easter Dog, Preserving Chives and Loving Mutant Chickens

We have 2 new little kittens, their names are Bear and Honey. The kids who own the mother named them. We were told that Bear (the black kitten) was a boy, but (after confirmation by my cat expert brother and sister-in-law), it seems we have 2 little girls. That's OK with me, Hopefully we'll have plenty of mousers around for generations!

The Easter Dog lives at my house! We've been finding eggs buried in the gardens all spring. I thought dogs were color blind, but all the eggs we've found are either guinea eggs or blue.

Here's a great way to preserve chives, green onions and many herbs. Fill a plastic egg carton with the chives or herbs. Cover them with a small amount of water. Place in freezer. When solid, put into plastic bags. To use, just throw in soups or other recipes as desired.

We butchered some of the mutant chickens today. WOW! I can understand why the big processors love this bird. Not only do they grow faster, produce more meat and consume less feed, they are incredibly easy to pluck and gut! Grampa wants to get more and put them on pasture next time. I could learn to love a mutant chicken :) After all, I've always had a soft heart for underdogs. That was actually my favorite cartoon as a child, "Under Dog". How many of you have seen that cartoon?

So, we are asking $1.75/pound if you are interested! We have 15 ready to pack tomorrow and will have about 45 available for sale within the next 2 weeks. Give me a call 309-221-0785.

God Bless You All!

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