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Sunday, April 26, 2009

It Didn't Work

Well, I don't know what the "enclosure link" stuff is all about. I added a Tea Party News section on the side bar. I'm sure we will be doing more along this line. Grampa is very passionate about politics. If you want to read his speech, click on the "We Made the Front Page" link.


Introducing Donald and Daisy

Let's try this again. I was trying to correct my typos on the title and somehow this thing decided to publish itself.

We went to a hillbilly auction today. Scrufftiest bunch of people I've ever seen outside a biker bar - Grampa and I fit right in :) We bought a couple of ducks. Grampa suggested we name them Donald and Daisy. I like it!

We used to have a couple of ducks. One thought it was a chicken. We named it Daffy. He was lots of fun. So much so that Blue wanted to play with him. We lost almost all our small flock of chickens and the wanna be chicken when he was a pup. He knows not to play with them now. Some people says that once a dog has killed a chicken he will get the taste of it and you won't be able to stop them, but they are wrong. Blue only wanted to play and he's learned he can't do that.

Grampa made some connections yesterday that may open a market to restraunts in St. Louis. It looks very promising and we are excited! It just seems like God keeps opening up markets for us. Our only problem is meeting the demand.

Our first farmer's market this year will be in Burlington on Thursday, May 7th at the riverfront. Hope to see some of you there!

Oh ... and this has nothing to do with business ... I'm just so incredibly proud of Grampa! He's always been such a private, shy recluse, but he made the front page of the county newspaper with the speech he made at our little Tea Party protest in town. The editor gave me a link you should be able to use now and also when it goes into the archives.

I'm experimenting here. I added the link as an "enclosure link" We will see what happens. Hopefully you'll be able to find it and click. Anyway, the paper printed almost his entire speech word for word. I'll post it on the side bar if it doesn't.

Well, lot's to do!

God Bless You All!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hanging Here and New Life

Yesterday I came across a hanging. Over the winter, a couple of birds took up residence in my stove vent. Their nest wasn't interfering with how the vent worked and since I tend to be a terribly lazy person at times, I had pity on them and decided to share the warmth of my house for the winter. Yesterday, I went to evict them because their nest was starting to drop materials on my stove. To my surprise there was a bird hanging by the neck from the vent by a thread! We had heard a lot of fighting out of them over the winter, but I didn't think it was that bad! I am a HORRIBLE person. I laughed.

Grampa has some gardens coming up. He's got beets, radishes, kolorabi, lettuce, spinach,onions and peas coming up. He's hoping he'll be able to get some potatoes, broccoli and tomato plants in this week. The farmer's market in Burlington will be starting May 7th. Hopefully we'll have some veggies ready to go by then.

Mutant chickens anyone? These are Cornish Crosses. I really don't like these birds. They are the ones raised in most commercial poultry opperations. They are bred for meat production at the expense of feather and bone. It's how they get those gigantic chicken breasts you see everywhere, but they never get all their feathers and they tend to have problems with broken legs. To me, they never really look healthy, but Farm & Home was practically giving them away and they were already 2 weeks old. They are ready to butcher between 8 and 12 weeks old so they were pretty big when we got them. They aren't going to be pastured, but we are giving them lots of hay. They don't seem to understand what to do with real vegetables like normal chickens do. We figured if we can't sell them, we will put them in our freezer.

We just got this shipment of baby chicks in this week. We have 100 Golden Comets, 25 Black Asterlops and 25 White Leghorns. These are all breeds that have a high egg production record. The Golden Comets and Black Asterlops have brown eggs and the White Leghorns have white egg. We're planning to alternate new chick purchases between high production and color.

Well, I'm off this morning to work for the US Census. I love this job! I get to tromp around the country side and see all the beautiful places God has created. I get lots of fresh air and exercize and ... I get to punch buttons!

God Bless You All! ~ Love, Grama Sue

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

I am so ready for Easter! The Kearns kids came and decorated for me last week and then DH brought this little girl in a couple of days ago! I've named her Shorty. I love to call kids shorty cause they almost always grow taller than me, but this one will always be shorter than me!
Remember that God loved you so much that He gave His only begotten Son for you! Jesus is the Lamb that was sacrificed for your sin!
Happy Resurrection Day!