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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Watermelon Cubes

Grampa Tom and I love watermelon, but let's face it, unless you get one that's really tiny, it's hard for a two person household to devour one before it gets bad. We've had one in the fridge that I've been avoiding cutting into for just that reason, but today was a rainy day. Since I can't do much outside, I thought we'd enjoy some watermelon and make the rest into watermelon cubes to give the kids for treats this winter when the only watermelons available are those tasteless, mushy things from Mexico.

I like nice big juicy seeded watermelons. You could choose an unseeded one, but seeded watermelons are so much sweeter and I think you'd probably want to remove the white seeds anyway because they probably wouldn't puree very well.


To remove the seeds, I cut very thin slices and used a fork to poke them out.

I removed the rind and pureed the meat of the melon. I used a wand, but you could use a blender or a food processor.

You could use popcicle forms or small paper cups, but the grandkids that  frequent here most are pretty little and probably wouldn't finish anything much bigger so I poured it into ice cube trays and froze it. (In some of these pictures, the melon looks kinda orange, but I assure you, it was a beautiful red!)

Once frozen, pop them out and put into baggies!

It's a little bit of work, but the smiles I get paid for it will be well worth it!

God Bless You All!
~Grama Sue

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