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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Home Grown Meal

Mmmmm! I love mid to late summer when pretty much everything I eat can be home grown!

On the menu tonight:

Lamb tenderloin grown by Grampa Tom, breading by Grama Sue.
We had a little lamb that was injured and wasn't going to make it, so we butchered it. Not much meat, but WOW is it good! I could do the no pork thing if I had to! I like lamb better! I also used my own whole wheat breading for this dish made with whole wheat flour, natural sea salt, my own dried onions, garlic, some chili powder and paprika.

Cucumber and onions from our garden in apple cider vinegar made with last year's apples.

Mashed kohlrabi with onion and cheese.

What a feast! I did cheat a little. Our little store in town gets day-old bread from Pepperidge Farms for $1.49. I buy a whole bunch at a time and put it in my freezer. And the ketchup, cheese and the spices came from the store. As long as I can get this cheap all natural bread, I probably won't make my own, but someday I hope to make my own ketchup, cheese and spices (other than salt)!


Sunday, July 5, 2009

Grant Crock


We really need more land, a certified kitchen, some equipment, more chickens and at least a couple more buildings for them. We really can't afford any more loans at this point so I thought I'd check out Willie Nelson's Farm Aid Grant program. What a crock! From their site:

The following types of projects are not eligible for Farm Aid funding:

  • grants or loans to individuals
  • grants or loans to support commercial operation of a farming enterprise
  • production of book, film, television, radio projects
  • projects outside the United States
  • projects directed or substantially funded by government bodies (federal, state, local)
  • legal defense funds
  • capital campaigns, equipment purchases, endowments or deficit financing
  • historic preservation of farmland or buildings
  • lobbying to influence elections or legislation
  • conferences, publications, or research projects unless they are directly connected to ongoing program activities
What do they fund??????????? The only other things I found were a low interest loan for beginning farmers and a couple of government grant programs, one of which I got an e-mail about the other day saying it had lost funding. Who's got time to figure out how to write a grant anyhow?

Want to help a farmer? Skip the red tape and send a donation to my PayPal account at gramasues@hughes.net

Rant over ...

God Bless You All!