You can find Grama Sue's Rainbow Eggs at:

The Hy Vee on Agency in Burlington, IA


Wednesday - Friday 9am to 1pm at the farm 1/2 mi east of the Nauvoo-Colusa Jr. High then 3/4 mile North on 1050.

Wednesday 3-7 pm at the Painted Corners on HWY 96 in Lomax, IL


7 - 11 am Keokuk Farmer's Market at the mall

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Allis Chalmer WD Tractor - Help and Bees Swarms Again

Well folks, I am not keeping up well at all! Things have been so crazy for me lately! Luckily, my 8 y/o granddaughter has come for an extended visit. She got here a couple of days ago and has been a great help. Maybe, just maybe I'll get caught up!

Our bees swarmed today so tomorrow we need to go get another hive. That will make 4. Hopefully, we'll get some honey this year. We do need to learn how to prevent swarming though. From what I understand they produce a lot more honey if you can keep them from swarming - but I suppose multiplying the hives this way is a good thing in the beginning!

It's late and I need to get to bed so I'm making this post short, but I wanted to show you the tractor I currently have on E-Bay. Grampa Tom bought himself a brand new John Deere tractor this spring so we are selling the old family Allis Chalmers. If you know anyone who collects antique tractors, please send them to my E-Bay site!

God Bless You All!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Safe From the Flood

Well, as safe as is possible in the middle of a major disaster. People have been asking about us since our address is Niota. Niota has been evacuated, but we are actually out in the country on the plains about 3 miles from any flooding. Thanks to all of you who have been praying! The picture is one my friend Becky took near the Keokuk bridge.

While we are high and dry, that doesn't mean we haven't been affected. It is difficult to get to Iowa right now. Grampa Tom did go to the Burlington Farmer's Market today, but we're wondering if there will be a bridge open to get him home on tonight. Fortunately, we have friends in Iowa who would be happy to put him up for awhile. I did have the sense to do some turbo shopping last Saturday! In '93 there were about 3 weeks when shopping in Iowa was nearly impossible and there's not much on this side of the river. I wanted to be prepared.

Business for us has really dropped off. Garage sales and farmer's markets are pretty much leisure time activities around here and most people are just too busy and worried to have fun right now. We did have some folks from Carmen stop by today. They were on a scouting mission to find a way to the father's workplace in Iowa. They said their house was being protected by a levy that seemed to be holding. LORD, please be a wall around them!

Fortunately, we found some money we didn't know we had! Last January, Grampa Tom lost his checkbook. He was really messed up so he decided to use my check book for a couple of months. At one point, we thought we had accidentally deposited some money in his checkbook that belonged in mine and that I would be overdrawn, so we transfered it. It's been there for quite awhile so we decided it is safe to use it now! See how God works! He even uses our mess to bless!

My son Jess has been busy sandbagging. Grampa Tom and I are too old and decrepit to be much help so we've stayed out of the way. I'd love to do some of the behind the scenes organizational and fund raising work, but I just don't have any time to give right now. My life was already a blur, and then 2 weeks ago, the little old lady my MIL and I take care of came home from the nursing home. We had been just staying nights with her, but now she needs someone with her all the time, so we've recruited another person and are doing 24 hour shifts. I'm only doing one or two shifts a week and I'm very grateful for the work, but I'm so incapable of giving any more of my time! Ahhh! Mommy-God syndrome. I have such a tendency to want to be all things to all people! I have to keep reminding myself that God is there for those people even if I can't be.

Remember, God promises that He will use all things for good! So, be blessed in the mess!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Valentine Find!


A neighbor brought me a whole bunch of unused children’s Valentine cards! Stock up for next year! You can’t beat the price! 5 cents for a box!


We’ve been having so much fun!
We are now selling at:
Carthage Mondays 2:30-5:30, on the Square
Burlington Thursdays normally 5-8pm on the river, but this week 11-2 on Jefferson street
Nauvoo Fridays 3:30-5:30 at the Winery
Keokuk Saturdays 6:30 am - 11am at the mall (if we have anything left)
We are also considering going to Hamilton on Wednesdays, but right now we are selling out. What a wonderful problem to have! How to produce more :)


Well, I managed to sell my black ink cartridge. Right now I’ve got a yellow cartridge for my old Epson printer. I have been doing some crafts so one of these days I think I’m gonna try to get my Etsy site up and running. Time, time, time!


My rug is really looking good! It’s not anywhere near perfect, but I have to start somewhere! I’m really enjoying doing this. At one time my hands were so crippled that I couldn’t hold a needle! I was wearing splints on both hands and was seriously considering carpal tunnel surgery when I found this web site


It describes a little exercise that has almost totally reversed the problem!


We are currently harvesting onions and lettus. The radishes and spinach are about done, but we have new potatoes coming on. We should have a few in the next week or so. All the beds are planted. We put in a bed of ever bearing strawberries in the hopes that we will have strawberries in the late summer/early fall. We were also given a few thornless blackberry plants so we should have some of those next year!

We’ve got some of the supports up on our raised beds. I’m anxious to see how they’ll work. If you come, be sure to ask to see our raised bed gardens. Everyone who‘s seen them so far has been impressed!

(tips, recipes and ideas for saving money)

The other day, I served a “creation”. These are always a gamble since Grampa Tom is such a picky eater, but he really loved it! I cut some pork loin into strips and stir-fried it along with some green onions, broccoli and mushrooms. Then I added a little Woshestershire sauce, garlic, salt and pepper. I thickened it with some cream of celery soup and then boiled up some of my egg noodles to add to the sauce. Yummy!

God Bless You All! ~Grama Sue

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bees and Swarms

Whoo! Hoo! I got my internet working again ... at least for awhile. Grampa hit the satellite dish a while back and last week it slowed down so much that I couldn’t post. Today I went and hit it with a hammer and it is working better. I have to get a part replaced, but at least I don't have to wait until next week to get on line anymore. Praise God!

Anyway, we had an exciting thing happen last week! I was standing at the kitchen window when I heard a loud buzzzzzzz! I looked out and saw a swarm of bees settling in the tree behind the house. We have 2 beehives so I thought one of ours had swarmed (not a good thing), so I called Grampa Tom and told him I thought we were losing our bees.

He came right home and checked out our hives.They were full of bees, so we proceeded to catch this new bunch of bees.

Here’s Grampa using a power saw to saw the branch the bees had settled on out of the tree. He said they started gathering on his arm as he was doing this. He thought he might just be able to carry them all down to the box we had for them.

We put the branch in a cardboard box and waited a few minutes to let them settle down. Then we put a sheet over the box and raced down to Daydants to buy a new hive for them to live in.

At dusk Grampa swept them into the new hive stocked with sugar water to help them feel at home. They seem to like their new home so now we have 3 hives instead of 2! We feel so blessed to have these bees choose us!

Here's a picture of the inside of a bee hive I had taken a few days earlier to show you.

God bless you all!