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Monday, October 6, 2014

End of Season Ramblings

We've decided we won't be opening at the farm in October. We will continue to go to Lomax on Wednesday evenings and if anyone wants anything, I'm making deliveries to Nauvoo on Mondays around the noon hour.

I've been letting Grampa Tom go to most of the markets by himself so I could get stuff done  before he went into the fields.

Here's an old trike that I planted in my new peppermint patch. That thing has been driving me nuts! It doesn't work, but every child who comes here insists on riding it. Grampa Tom has been saying he was going to scrap it out for years now. There comes a time when a girl just has to take matters into her own hands! Can't wait till next year when I can sit some flowers on it :)

And I've been piddling around the house. Actually found my living room and kitchen. Now I have to organize the disaster that is my store room that has spilled over and taken possession of the grandkids bedroom as well.  Normally, I keep the kids room accessible, but when we had to rearrange the entire house to get the hospital bed in, everything got shoved in there and it has been accumulating :(

I've been harvesting and drying quite a few herbs.

This is my stevia. Yes that is a shower curtain. Don't worry. That bathroom hasn't worked since the pipes broke when we were pretending to be snowbirds several years ago. It's mostly just and extra storage closet now.

Stevia doesn't put out a great deal of fragrance, but this holy basil has the whole house smelling wonderful! Yes, I know, some of it has flowered. I like the flowers. They are pretty and they taste good! I'm betting they will make an awesome oil as well.

I've been experimenting with making massage oils with my herbs and olive oil. So far, I've been very pleased with the results. Our friend David heard about what I was doing and offered me several thousand little spray bottles to package them in. That should do me for quite a while :)

This week's goals: Start teaching/babysitting my grandkids. I'll try to post some of our activities on my Almost Unschooling Grama blog, pull a ton of weeds, pick my dried beans, dig more potatoes (still have several rows), study more on how to be professional about this blogging thing (I feel like a kindergartner who only knows how to count to 3), straighten the store room and kids room, build a fence around the new garden space I am making south of the deck, bring home more clay blocks from the neighbor's house ... yeah, that's how I roll ...

God Bless You All!
~Grama Sue

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